Waxing instruction - Glide tape

With glide tape waxing is extremely easy and fast. It can be done without any special waxing equipments. Tape waxing offer almost racing level glide for up to 200 km.


  1. Attach tip or tail of ski to the glide tape package and pull out the glide tape over the glide area of ski. (WITH THE LETTERS UP)              
  2. Heat Iron up to 150-160 C°. Glide the iron slowly on the glide tape so that the wax will warm and attach to the ski glide surface.
  3. After Ironing pull the glide tape away and brush the ski. The ski is ready for a ride.

For Tape waxing you don´t necessarily need special waxing iron, due the waxing happens against paper. Hazardous fumes won´t come during waxing, so waxing can be done indoors. From the brushing work phase some dust will come from the surface, so choose suitable plase to do it.

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