Products for Optigrip® and Nanogrip® skis

As a Manufacturer for Optigrip® and Nanogrip® -coatings we have create service products for these skies. Whit these products skier can enjoy skiing and get all out from the function of ski. Clean ski surface is essential for function of ski this can be done it by using enviromental friendly Gripcleaner. Gripcare will increase grip and glide properties and decrease freeze problems.  Read more how nanoskis works >>


Optiwax Gripcare is service liquid for Optigrip® ja Nanogrip® -skis. It will increase glide and grip properties, will ease initalization of new pair of skis and decrease freeze problems at problematic conditions. Optiwax Gripcare fluid is easy to spread on the ski with spongeplug. Yoko recommends Gripcare for Optigrip-skis.

Tuotenumero: 60091001


Dirt effects Optigrip® and Nanogrip® will return those propeties. It cleans ski without damaging the surface. After Gripcleaner® treatment use of Gripcare® is recommended.

Tuotenumero: 60091002

Optiwax Skincleaner

Optiwax Skincleaner is dirt repellent clean and care product for skin-skis. Skincleaner cleans effectively skis mohair hair from the dirt. Fluor component prevent mohair to became dirty. Product is packed in the handy spray bottle.

Tuotenumero: 60091003



Kuusamo World Cup 25-27.11.2016

Distance: 10km / 15km (C)
Temperature: -7°C
Snow temperature: -7°C
Snow condition: New

HF 4 Fluor Powder +-0

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