Optiwax Fluor powder products are specially made for race skiing. These waxes are a combination of awarded technology, knowledge and experience. This combination has resulted in fast, durable and wide use range powder waxes for racers who only want the best.

Fluor powder +-0


Optiwax -fluoripulveri +-0 is wide range powder for variable snow conditions.

Tuotenumero: 50000202

Fluor powder 0


Optiwax Fluor Powder 0 offers wide range of use, where as the strongest areas are old snow and wet conditions.

Tuotenumero: 50000201

Fluor powder 1


Optiwax Fluor Powder 1 is the number 1 choice for the new snow and snowfall.

Tuotenumero: 50010251

Fluor powder 2


Optiwax Fluor Powder 2 is special powder for extremely cold conditions.

Tuotenumero: 50020251

Hard powder


Optiwax Hard Powder is Hydrocarbon powder wax for cold and aggressive snow conditions

Tuotenumero: 50050251

Grip powder

Optiwax Grip Powder is developed for race skiers who want to improve glide properties of their gripwax

Tuotenumero: 50090251



Kuusamo World Cup 25-27.11.2016

Distance: 10km / 15km (C)
Temperature: -7°C
Snow temperature: -7°C
Snow condition: New

HF 4 Fluor Powder +-0

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