Nea Luukko Optiwax Glid tape concept offers more training runs with one waxing and faster skis for the races.
Maxim Vylegzhanin Co-work with Optiwaxin has make possible fasters skies and my time with waxing has decreased, thanks to user friendly products.
Kikkan Randall Optiwax makes skiing world better, with their user friendly products.
Kalle Lassila Optiwax has been my choice since beginning of Optiwax. User friendly and simple product line secure right wax choices and fast waxing.
Tero Manninen Optiwax Extra Wide Glide tape for snowboaring is my choice, due it´s so easy and fast to use. As a bonus it makes my board extremely fast.
Don and Heidi Becker Optiwax lives up to its slogan - less time for waxing and more time for skiing.
Russian Marathon Team Russian Marathon Team As a Marathon team we appriciate durability of Optiwax products, that will give us advantage at last kilometers.
Sini Pyy User friendly and wide working range Optiwax products have secured my skis functions, even in the most demanding conditions.
Santeri Kiiveri Optiwax products ensure that my skis are fast and on the race´s I dont have think who have to best glide.



Kuusamo World Cup 25-27.11.2016

Distance: 10km / 15km (C)
Temperature: -7°C
Snow temperature: -7°C
Snow condition: New

HF 4 Fluor Powder +-0

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